Changes and exciting plans

Hello my dear friends, hello new and regular visitors of this website,

You may have noticed the small differences that are slowly being installed in this website. For example it used to be in Dutch, and it is now transforming into an English site. Why did we change this? The reason is simple, it’s because we are no longer situated in The Netherlands.

We are roaming around the world once again, like we did in 2019 when we explored South East Asia. In June this year (2022) we started to explore the beautiful country South-Africa where we have since met so many inspiring people and where the breathtaking sceneries of the mountains, the forests, the parks and lakes simply blew us away with awe and gratitude.

But however beautiful this country is, we feel like we still need to continue our world journey to find the right place where we want to settle down.

Having that said, we are really exited to share with you that we will be roaming around the South of Europe; France, Italy, Spain and Portugal from February to August 2023. We will be looking for a piece of land to buy where we wish to build our retreat centre ‘The Valley of Freedom’. It will be a place where we will be able to meet you again, where you can heal yourself and where you will feel free, safe and loved enough to find out who you really are.

There will be a variety of healing methods available such as coaching, energy healing, plant medicine healing, meditations and art therapy. Our intention is to make this dream a reality and I feel this place is already waiting for us to start. It started with a vision and it is growing in our hearts and minds more and more every day.

Follow us for updates on this website.

With love,


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2 thoughts on “Changes and exciting plans”

  1. The Valley of Freedom, 🙌💛
    I can already envision what this place looks like and how this will be your home 🏠 ❤️🙏🏻
    So, soooo excited for your next journey to the Valley of Freedom! But first reunion time in Holland 💃💃

  2. Dieter Haeussler

    This is amazing ! Taking this new path in your lives is very brave. You will do well wherever you decide to settle. How exciting! I bet many would only dream to have your courage.
    Whenever possible please consider coming to Guatemala 😉

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